Modernization work is required for the elevator after the Elevator reaches that part of the life cycle where the reliability and efficiency decreases. Modernization of the Elevators ensures that the lift complies with the current government regulations for the elevators in operation. Modernization also equips the elevator with latest available technology in comfort, safety and aesthetics resulting in improved reliability, efficiency and better feel.

Jesus Lifts has well trained specialists to carry out any type of Modernisation works. In any elevator, the structural components such as Guide Brackets, Guide rails, Car sling assy., Counterweight frames, Fillers etc., will not worn out at any point of time. Hence these components need not be replaced in case of refurbishment. We provide cost effective solutions for modernisation of any type and any make of elevators. These solutions will eventually double the life span of elevator.

Our engineers have through knowledge of all the types and makes of elevators and these specialist teams of engineers will always back up regular maintenance whenever required. The elevators modernised by the Company will conform to our World Wide Job Site Safety Standards thus making the elevator safer for usage.>