Freight Elevator


Freight elevator is essentially designed so as to fulfill material handling requirement of industry, building, hotel, car workshop etc. For a properly engineered installation, the choice of freight elevator requires consideration of such factors as volume and weight of material to be transported and the method of handling like manual or trolley driven.

Today freight elevator is back bone of any modern industry and is able to find its place in Pharma, Petrochemical, Telecom, Components, Garment, Cosmetic, Architects, Construction and Hotel industries to name a few.

Freight Elevators are capable of carrying heavier loads than a passenger elevator, generally from 525 kg to 5000 kg. Freight Elevators have rugged interior finish to prevent damage while loading and unloading, they are intended to carry both passengers as well as freight.

Mighty Series of Elevators is introduced to cater to the Vertical Travel Needs of the Goods in various Industries. The Elevators in this series are built to provide robust Vertical transport, energy efficiency, faster travel and higher uptime. These Lifts may be used to carry Various type of Material like Raw material or Finished Goods in Various types of Environments. We can Provide Lifts for safe as well as for Hazardous areas where Flame Proof Elevators are required.

The Mighty series comes with a plenty of Features and options both for the interiors as well as for the various fixtures which results in improved performance. This Series come equipped with Quality parts which increase the life and reduce the down time.